chicken bisuit bake

In the South, some folks make a distinction between chicken pie and chicken pot pie. Chicken pies, also known as “chicken and pastry,” are the savory versions of fruit pies or cobblers, made with homemade crust and no, or very few, vegetables. Chicken pot pies typically include vegetables and have a top crust only. No matter what you call it, a one-dish meal like chicken pot pie is perfect for today’s busy families. And by using Martha White® Self-Rising Flour, a quick biscuit topping or pour-batter crust can be ready in minutes.

Chicken Pot Pie Ingredients

When it comes to the ingredients, here are the basics:

  • Chicken-Rotisserie chickens are always handy for recipes, but there are many other precooked chicken products sold both in the frozen and fresh meat sections. If you are trying to economize, cook some chicken over the weekend and stick in the refrigerator or freezer. Then it’s ready when you are.
  • Vegetables-The produce, freezer, and canned food sections of the grocery store offer a wonderful variety of vegetables ready to add to your pot pie filling-from frozen, chopped onions to canned peas.
  • Filling-For a creamy filling, ingredients such as condensed soups have been the traditional choice. But there are other options you can use, such as refrigerated and canned sauces or even sauce mixes.
  • Crust-Take the fuss out of preparing the crust by using a convenient Martha White biscuit mix or self-rising flour.